Building Resilient Supply Chains

Optimising supply chain logistics

With metals and minerals operations often broken down into silos, getting full transparency throughout the trade cycle can seem daunting – but it does not have to be. At MAN CORP, we do so much more than deliver the goods. We act as your one-stop solution for sourcing product, price-risk management, working capital finance, and more. From inception to delivery, we provide a solidly reliable way of moving product in the most efficient and economic way.

Count on us to deliver

Working with trusted logistics partners, we make sure that products get to their final destination quickly and safely – even in the face of disruption. Our ocean, road and rail haulage, distribution and storage solutions are both flexible and tailored to meet clients’ individual requirements. And with MAN CORP’s trademark commitment to transparency, you can be sure that your freight is in safe hands.

Reliable partner in trade execution

Our long track record of metals trading puts us in the unique position of knowing the market in its entirety – players, prices, flows, risks and innovations. We use that knowledge to run simulations on the various options to prepare for possible disruptions, so we can act fast if shipping routes, fuel prices or weather patterns shift. Pit to port, we ensure that all parts of the supply chain are acting in concert to keep your products moving profitably.

Services features:

Supply chain planning

With a wide overview of global capacities, trade flows and price differentials, we proactively plan supply chains that deliver.

Global transportation

Our far-reaching transportation network ensures the safe and timely movement of materials to consumption centres around the world.


We use cutting-edge technology and industry insights to develop and implement supply chain solutions that put our customers ahead of the competition.

Custom solutions

Every organisation faces different challenges and that is why we customise solutions around individual product specifications and customer requirements.

End-to-end service

We confidently remove the stress of planning, managing and adapting your supply chain, so you can prioritise the front end of your business.


By knowing the status of all our commodities in real time, we can quickly adjust to optimise logistics, minimise disruptions, and fulfil trades more efficiently.

Quality industrial processes need quality raw materials. At MAN CORP, we specialise in the responsible procurement of best-in-class metals and minerals for an international customer base. From overseeing quality control measures to arranging option-rich contract terms, we work hard to ensure that our clients get real value out of every transaction.

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Leveraging their many years of physical and financial trading knowledge, our team provides market-leading solutions to mitigate risk that stems from price movements, volume fluctuations, liquidity, operational and other volatility risks. By shielding margins from adverse price moves, we add value to both cash-constrained producers and price-constrained buyers.

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Suppliers and consumers typically require access to finance. We provide the full suite of financing solutions to help move goods from one place to another – overcoming cash restrictions while helping our clients and partners create efficiency out of inefficiencies that exist in the market. Our solutions are tailored to each specific flow and cover every stage of the supply chain.

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Leaning on our diverse and established networks, we are able to create commercial opportunities and increase our clients’ procurement base in markets around the world. Our competitive marketing strategies are custom built to match supply with demand allowing businesses to grow.

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Within the Group we own and operate dry bulk vessels for both our in-house trading activity as well as third-party cargo chartering. We are currently expanding our fleet and aim to have four vessels by early 2024.

Current Fleet Size 2
Current Fleet Capacity 60,000 DWT
Fleet Type Dry Bulk

The strategy is to expand in-line with supplier production figures to effectively ‘underwrite’ the risk of volatile freight markets by aligning capacity with our own Group freight requirements.

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