Risk Management

Stability in metals trading

Many participants are concerned about the price and market risks of metals trading, but it is not a core focus of their operations. Working with MAN CORP can help bridge the knowledge gap. Our team of risk-management specialists has a suite of solutions at their fingertips. We turn volatility into stability, limiting risk and uncertainty to optimise cash flow and the bottom line.

Stellar attention, fierce execution

High-turnover metals and minerals experience rapid price changes and shipping bottlenecks, creating a challenging environment for producers and supply chain participants. They require active risk management strategies to ensure both margin and certainty in physical supply. At MAN CORP, we build layers of optionality into supply chain contracts to mitigate these risks. Your business will benefit from greater flexibility and commercial advantage around the performance of your operations.

Every risk is an opportunity

At MAN, we know that every uncertainty is a chance to be proactive instead of reactive. Our global team are experts in physical commodities trading and collectively have over 100 years of industry practice. We partner with clients to develop bespoke price-risk management solutions built around the business’s specific needs. Together, we can minimise risk, maximise opportunity and find solutions that drive profitability.

Services features:

Strong relationships

Our strong relationships with financial institutions and brokers allow access to the full range of risk-management instruments, from futures, spreads and options to custom OTC products.

Custom solutions

We carefully analyse your business circumstances, attitude to risk and other variables before preparing a unique risk-management program tailored to your needs.

Straightforward advice

We are experts in risk management instruments. We break down the complex science of risk and make it simple, practical and achievable.

Market intelligence

Using our trading expertise combined with deep market insight, we have built a proprietary intelligence database that helps us capture market opportunities across the globe.

Done for you

Our capabilities in origination, logistics, trading, finance and risk management set us apart. We mitigate risk and manage commodity trades end to end to enhance our clients globally.

24-hour execution

Like products and prices, we move around the clock. You can rest easy knowing that your risk-management program is being monitored and managed constantly.

Quality industrial processes need quality raw materials. At MAN CORP, we specialise in the responsible procurement of best-in-class metals and minerals for an international customer base. From overseeing quality control measures to arranging option-rich contract terms, we work hard to ensure that our clients get real value out of every transaction.

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Global partnerships, smart processes and years of experience work hand-in-hand to connect metals and minerals to all industrial users who need and value them. We work closely with producers, suppliers, financial institutions, purchasing managers and sales managers to ensure the seamless and cost-effective movement of products, with full transparency along the way.

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Suppliers and consumers typically require access to finance. We provide the full suite of financing solutions to help move goods from one place to another – overcoming cash restrictions while helping our clients and partners create efficiency out of inefficiencies that exist in the market. Our solutions are tailored to each specific flow and cover every stage of the supply chain.

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Leaning on our diverse and established networks, we are able to create commercial opportunities and increase our clients’ procurement base in markets around the world. Our competitive marketing strategies are custom built to match supply with demand allowing businesses to grow.

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Within the Group we own and operate dry bulk vessels for both our in-house trading activity as well as third-party cargo chartering. We are currently expanding our fleet and aim to have four vessels by early 2024.

Current Fleet Size 2
Current Fleet Capacity 60,000 DWT
Fleet Type Dry Bulk

The strategy is to expand in-line with supplier production figures to effectively ‘underwrite’ the risk of volatile freight markets by aligning capacity with our own Group freight requirements.

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