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Refined Metals

Refined metals and ingots refer to the final products of the refining process that extract metals from their ores. These products are purer and more homogeneous than the raw materials used in their production.

Refined metals are typically used in various industrial applications, including construction, electronics, and transportation, while ingots are used for casting or further processing. The refining process involves multiple steps to remove impurities and extract the desired metal, including smelting, electrolysis, and chemical processes.

The resulting refined metals and ingots have a higher commercial value than raw materials and are often traded on global commodity markets. The quality and purity of these metals are essential factors in determining their market price and suitability for specific applications.


Non-ferrous concentrates refer to ores that contain valuable minerals such as copper, lead, zinc, nickel and precious metals - excluding iron. These metals require specialised techniques and processes distinct from the methods used to extract iron from its ores.

Non-ferrous concentrates are usually obtained from underground mining or open-pit mining, and are processed through various stages to remove impurities and extract the valuable metals. These concentrates play a crucial role in producing a wide range of industrial products, including wiring, plumbing, batteries and electronic devices.

As demand for these metals continues to grow in various industries, the importance of non-ferrous concentrates in the global economy is likely to increase.