Procurement & Origination

Product access and competitive prices

Every year we procure quality ferrous and non-ferrous metals and minerals from producers around the globe, delivering significant volumes of commodity products to customers in 10 countries. Our superior sourcing capability – direct from best-fit producers – ensures that our customers have access to high-quality products at the most competitive prices to meet consumption needs.

Know exactly who you’re buying from

Transparency, traceability and trust – three Ts that are rare in this industry. Rest assured that we have total and immediate control over the provenance of the product and its movement across the supply chain. Partner with us, and you will always know exactly where the product is coming from, where it has been, and how long it took to get there. The result is a stronger, better, more honest supply chain.

More options, better relationships

Metals businesses face many operational burdens, especially when dealing with multiple pricing components and quotational periods. To help producers and end users work optimally together, we focus on optionality in contracts. Instead of structured terms based on forecasts, we help our customers build flexible agreements that smooth the flow between production and consumption and deliver on the price economics.

Services Features

Responsible sourcing

Responsible sourcing and governance are at the heart of our business. We only work with ethical producers and inspect them regularly to make sure they are ‘doing the right thing.’

Strategic procurement

We can procure specific commodity products for short-term or multi-year commitments with a variety of risk-management solutions to ensure a secure supply.

Spot market transactions

We offer competitively priced just-in-time spot market transactions for when immediate delivery is needed.

Complete service

Our integrated services provide a complete solution, from sourcing and pricing to managing volumes, logistics and commodity risk.

Flexible contracts

No more rigid contract terms. We build custom optionality into our contracts to flex with changing customer needs.

Price management

Our round-the-clock international team is always up to date on the metal markets. We use this knowledge to manage prices and volatility risks to help our clients succeed.

Global partnerships, smart processes and years of experience work hand-in-hand to connect metals and minerals to all industrial users who need and value them. We work closely with producers, suppliers, financial institutions, purchasing managers and sales managers to ensure the seamless and cost-effective movement of products, with full transparency along the way.

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Leveraging their many years of physical and financial trading knowledge, our team provides market-leading solutions to mitigate risk that stems from price movements, volume fluctuations, liquidity, operational and other volatility risks. By shielding margins from adverse price moves, we add value to both cash-constrained producers and price-constrained buyers.

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Suppliers and consumers typically require access to finance. We provide the full suite of financing solutions to help move goods from one place to another – overcoming cash restrictions while helping our clients and partners create efficiency out of inefficiencies that exist in the market. Our solutions are tailored to each specific flow and cover every stage of the supply chain.

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Leaning on our diverse and established networks, we are able to create commercial opportunities and increase our clients’ procurement base in markets around the world. Our competitive marketing strategies are custom built to match supply with demand allowing businesses to grow.

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Within the Group we own and operate dry bulk vessels for both our in-house trading activity as well as third-party cargo chartering. We are currently expanding our fleet and aim to have four vessels by early 2024.

Current Fleet Size 2
Current Fleet Capacity 60,000 DWT
Fleet Type Dry Bulk

The strategy is to expand in-line with supplier production figures to effectively ‘underwrite’ the risk of volatile freight markets by aligning capacity with our own Group freight requirements

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