Finance Solutions

A win-win for buyers and suppliers

The need to pay upfront for products in long and complex supply chains can create funding gaps that stop the smooth flow of goods. This is where we come in. Supporting both buyers and suppliers, we offer a range of financial solutions that help move goods from one place to another – overcoming cash flow restrictions while helping participants across the supply chain maximise their market opportunities.

Keeping supply chains flowing

Through long-standing relationships with the world’s leading financial institutions, we offer an array of financial and lending solutions to meet the needs of producers and consumers. Whether you need short-term credit and working capital solutions or significant long-term commodity production loans, we can help you meet your liquidity needs.

Borders are not barriers to trade

Experts in risk management, we work closely with our customers to develop financial solutions that mitigate the risks associated with doing business across borders. Conventional bilateral lends rarely work in this sector. We look at the wider trading cycles, products, buyers, sellers, insurance and time periods of trades to structure lending correctly, in a place where lenders and borrowers feel comfortable – all made possible by the experience of our dedicated team.

Services features:

Multi-purpose trade finance

We have a diverse array of financial solutions that make trade feasible, including letter of credit confirmations and payment guarantees.

Supply chain finance

We assist in settling approved invoices, on/off balance sheet inventory finance and more to preserve the integrity of supply chains.

Receivable finance

We can buy eligible trade receivables to help customers expand business volumes while optimising cash flows.

Structured commodity finance

Our structured pre-production finance solutions are built around the needs of each metals producer and include pre-export funding and inventory finance.

Full service

We help customers throughout the value chain including metals and minerals producers, traders of physical goods, importers, end-users and financial institutions.

Facilitating growth

We bring capital to where it is needed most in the supply chain, shifting focus from survival to efficiency and business growth.

Quality industrial processes need quality raw materials. At MAN CORP, we specialise in the responsible procurement of best-in-class metals and minerals for an international customer base. From overseeing quality control measures to arranging option-rich contract terms, we work hard to ensure that our clients get real value out of every transaction.

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Global partnerships, smart processes and years of experience work hand-in-hand to connect metals and minerals to all industrial users who need and value them. We work closely with producers, suppliers, financial institutions, purchasing managers and sales managers to ensure the seamless and cost-effective movement of products, with full transparency along the way.

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Leveraging their many years of physical and financial trading knowledge, our team provides market-leading solutions to mitigate risk that stems from price movements, volume fluctuations, liquidity, operational and other volatility risks. By shielding margins from adverse price moves, we add value to both cash-constrained producers and price-constrained buyers.

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Leaning on our diverse and established networks, we are able to create commercial opportunities and increase our clients’ procurement base in markets around the world. Our competitive marketing strategies are custom built to match supply with demand allowing businesses to grow.

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Within the Group we own and operate dry bulk vessels for both our in-house trading activity as well as third-party cargo chartering. We are currently expanding our fleet and aim to have four vessels by early 2024.

Current Fleet Size 2
Current Fleet Capacity 60,000 DWT
Fleet Type Dry Bulk

The strategy is to expand in-line with supplier production figures to effectively ‘underwrite’ the risk of volatile freight markets by aligning capacity with our own Group freight requirements.

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